Adopted 2018

#Opry now #Minnie_Opry is a 2-year-old,

Opry, now Minnie

December 30, 2-year-old Poodle- Shih Tzu Mix

It was only by chance how I met Opry's owners. I was at PetSmart with my pups and we started talking about our pups. I told her I was a rescue and she said she may have a pup for me to rehome. Things happen, life happens. So, I met up a week later with Opry. Oh, what a sweet little Ewok. I had a friend in mind and had to notify her of this sweet girl. The very next day my friend met Opry, now Minnie, and fell in love. She will give her the best life and I get to see her now and then. Thank you, Megan.



November 29th, 9-11-year-old Poodle/Cocker Spaniel Mix

Bunkie is one of my favs. He is so calm, chill and enjoys everyone he meets. He does well in the car and loves cuddles. His previous owner adopted him from the shelter when he was 5. In May, his owner passed away and her niece found me to love and rehome Bunkie. A lot of people do not like "black" dogs, I do not know why, but Bunks is a favorite of mine! His foster family adopted him. He now has 3 other dog siblings and a loving family, yard and home. Thank you again Renata and Dan! 

#LouieTheLover _I just can't with him. S

Louie the Lover

November 19th, 12-year-old Bichon Friche

Louie has been with me since March. He has been adopted, dumped, fostered, returned, you name it. I do not know HOW or WHO could do that but FINALLY, he found a lovely family that will love him forever. This family only adopts senior pups as they know how to care for them in their old age. They fell in LOVE with Louie the minute they saw him. I am so excited for follow-ups and pictures of this sweet boy. 

#MyNameIsCoop is still looking for his f


November 18th, 22-month-old Pure Bred German Shepard

Coop was passed around from family to family due to military orders. I was able to get him relinquished to me and was able to find the best foster home for him. I was hoping he would have been adopted sooner but he wouldn't of found the great family that adopted him today. He went to a family that has a huge farm and a lot of space for him to run, and patience. He will never be alone. I spoke with his new Dad and he said he wanted to cuddle all night long. We will miss you Coop!

I had this sweet girl for a day. She was


October 17th, 9-month-old Pure Bred Yorkshire Terrier

Bella was brought to me by a friend of mine. She had rescued her from a situation where she was not being taken care of. She asked for my help in rehoming this sweet girl. Bella is such a sweetheart. I received an application from Kristy, who had recently lost her Yorkie and was devastated. They made the perfect fit and are now going to live their lives together the best ever out in Warner Hot Springs. I cannot wait for an update on Kristy and Bella. 


October 13th, 1-2-year-old Min-Pin Mix

Izzy is the mama of the 7 beautiful puppies that have all found their new homes. FINALLY! Izzy has been adopted. I believe she was waiting for all her pups to be adopted before she found her new home. Izzy is such a happy girl and found a family that will love her forever. From the streets of Mexico to living the good life. I wish you the best Izzy!

#BuddhaBoy was adopted!!! He was adopted


October 13th,  6-month-old Min-Pin Mix

Buddha is one of Izzy's puppies. He was adopted out and was brought back due to neglect. He came back with a horrible skin condition and was nursed back to help by a fellow rescuer friend of mine, Dana. Buddha had to go to the best home. I was very strict with the home, so when the Olsen's contacted me stating they have another Min-Pin mix at home, I knew it was perfect. The family of soon to be 8 were exactly what Buddha needed. I will miss you Buddha Boy!



October 1st,  7-month-old Mini Dachshund/Poodle mix

Mochi, what a sweet boy he is.  He was one of the most hyper pups I have had. He would wake up in the middle of the night and throw the ball around, by himself, to himself. He was a wild boy with such a sweet demeanor. He was finally adopted by a lovely young couple that I have previously spoken to about adoption. He gained an older sister, named Elsa, who is a mere 4-5 lbs. They are so in love with each other and I cannot wait to see updates! 



August 25, 6-month-old Mini Golden Doodle

Oh, Chip! What an easy going lazy pup! He was like jello in your arms. I knew he wouldn't last long at my rescue. He was relinquished to us from a dog hoarder who said he was "too much." He was adopted by a young active family who had a young dog, as well, at home that needed a sibling to grow up with. They fell in love with him just like everyone did when they first met Chip. I love getting updates on his progress with his new family. 



June 29, 2-year-old Mini Poodle 

Bubba came to us from a very busy family and was tormented by young kids. He was rescued by a couple that gave him hope. With a lot of training behind him, Bubba was adopted by a young couple with an American Bulldog as his brother and a sister to grow up with. I look forward to their follow-ups and their future together. 

Chloe (was Ms.Cleo)

June 19, 8-month-old Mini Golden Doodle

Chloe was relinquished to my rescue because her family was moving and they could not take her with them. I posted Chloe available for adoption and was overwhelmed with the response! I specifically chose her new family because they were young, very active and already had a very spoiled pup. I knew their love was there until the end. I am happy to hear that Chloe is healthy and is adjusting very well with her new family and her fur-brother, Zeus. 

Gracie May (was Macy Gray)

June 15, 2-year-old AKC Cane Corso

I was contacted by a military family that was PCS overseas and they were unable to take Gracie with them. Personally, I have no knowledge of Cane Corsos other than they are BIG gentle giants. I was able to network and came in contact with Chris and Dave! They had just lost their Cane Corso and were able to help foster her while I found her a new family. Well, that didn't last long. Chris sent over the adoption forms on Monday saying they had fallen in love with her and that it was like she had always been there! 


May 18th, 1-year-old Chihuahua

Dash was the sweetest boy. He learned commands so fast and loved my young kids so much. I am so glad to know that his Grandma is a vet! He will receive the best care and be loved forever. We will miss you, little guy. You seriously made me love Chihuahuas. He is now in the Mid-West, in College, with his new owner, studying to be the best of the future generation. 


April 15, 2-3-year-old Terrier mix

Flash came to us when his family was going through a rough time and wanted to give him the best life possible. He was definitely in need of leash training and to be the only dog. That was an issue for a lot of potential adopting families as most of them had multiple dogs. Until a sweet young, and very active military family adopted him. They had a background in dog training and had a huge yard. Flash was also blessed to have a human sister waiting for him at home. 

Donut (was Oso)

February 28th, 9-10-year old mixed breed

Donut, aka Oso, is definitely a one of a kind pup. Donut came to me through a desperate family in need of help. They had Donut his whole life. They were heartbroken to part with their forever friend. Donut's demeanor is calm, easy going and kind of cat-like. He loves to lay on the top of the couch pillows and lay his head on your shoulder as you relax. Donut was not in our care long, as this amazing woman, Christine, adopted him. It was love at first sight for the pair. I had never seen Donut act the way he did when he first met Christine and Emily. Another miracle is that he was adopted on my birthday. Thank you for loving a senior pup!

June Bug (was Batman)

January 26th, 1-year-old Mini Poodle

June Bug was found for free on a Facebook group and I was contacted to see if I could help. The family seemed very eager to re-home this sweet 9-pound little guy. He was a perfect fit for my sister's Mom, who had just lost her white poodle a few months before. He was timid at first but warmed up quickly to Mom. He is loved so much and enjoys having his fur-sister come over and visit.  

Shadow Buddy

January 9th, 1-year-old Poodle/Scottish terrier mix

I was contacted by a friend of a friend who saw a free poodle on a Facebook group. I drove up to Murrieta in the pouring rain with my daughter and niece to rescue this babe. After a 1 1/2 hour drive we got him. He was gross. His hair had never been cut, he couldn't see and he was depressed. I took him immediately to my amazing groomer who transformed him into a ball of yuck into a handsome young pup. His new family adopted him that day they heard about Shadow Buddy. His new home consists of 3 human siblings a yard and a forever life.