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Poodles on Parade

Over the weekend I was invited, by a fellow Poodle lover,to the 2nd annual Poodles on Parade event in Rancho Bernardo, CA. I was able to see about quite a few Standard Poodles, a bunch of vendors and many poodle experts. Everyone that met myself, and my girls; Isabella, my daughter, 8, Jossalyn, my niece, 7, and Aria, my niece, 4, had nothing but kind words to say about rescuing and re-homing. During the event, the girls and I were able to tell people about our passion, from the grumpy looking older man to small kids, they praised us and took a business card.

They had different categories to try and win prizes like best hair do, best costume, best owner and poodle costume, and also, best trick. So, I was looking at the best tricks and I was like, Willy's is WAAAY better than any of these, so I entered him last minute. Well, he won 2nd place for best trick! I believe he should of won 1st, but that is ok because my baby still won!

What a great day it was!! I am hoping for a bigger turn out for next year!

Good job Willy!

Teddie and I

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